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For management and investors alike, it seems that every small business opportunity comes with a matching challenge.

Small company management is often closer to the customer and frontline employees. This proximity to the action, combined with a quicker, more entrepreneurial decision making process, allows them to sense and seize opportunities their larger competitors miss. Of course, their small size means that they sometimes lack the financial and human resources, or the depth of management experience, to fully exploit available opportunities.

For investors, “micro-cap” companies offer the potential of a higher than average return, given their higher than average growth potential. They also provide greater diversity to any portfolio. At the same time, small business investments are illiquid and they require research up front and close scrutiny over time.

Old Oak Partners, LLC provides small business solutions for investors and executives alike.

Our investors are able to allocate a portion of their assets to the small business arena. We leverage our knowledge and relationships to identify opportunities we believe will provide a high return on investment.

For senior executives of both public and privately held micro-cap companies, our business advisory practice provides marketing and operations insight designed to fill the knowledge gaps typical at smaller, entrepreneurial firms.

Our focus is companies with annual sales
of under $200 million